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Outdoor Works

The 2023 LSR outdoor exhibition showcases 30 Sculptures including  20 Refusées Sculpture by the Sea selected works and 10 invited sculptors projects. Many of the works have been further developed in a site-specific way or totally reimagined for the LSR23 exhibition at Quarantine Station.

Click on the image to see information about the work

Akira Kamada

Anna Dudek

Chris Atichian

David Horton

Jamileh Jahanjin

Julia Rose

Lucas Guilbert

Philippa Hagon

Alexandra Mills

Annelies Jahn & Jane Burton Taylor

Christine Simpson

Ellenore Griffith

Jane Théau

Katie Barbarie Stewart

Merridth Zagami 

Robert Barnstone

Amanda Hills

Barbara Licha

Chrystal Rimmer

Emryn Ingram-Shute

Jason Farrow

Lisa Hölzl

Orest Keywan

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