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Jamileh Jahanjin


Jamileh Jahanjin

Sandstone, Metal, Rubber




Ravage stands as an embodiment of the struggle faced by women for their freedom, amplified through a narrative rooted in the Women, Life, Freedom movement initiated in Iran during the tumultuous year of 2022. Yet, it extends its embrace to embrace the global challenge of female oppression, irrespective of the cultural, societal, and religious limitations that shroud them.
In the wake of Mahsa Amini's tragic passing, the world witnessed the courage of women who rallied in the streets of Tehran in a powerful act of defiance. Ravage channels the energy of this pivotal moment, reflecting the resilience of women seeking liberation.

A fusion of elements shapes this sculpture. The metal grid frame symbolises the relentless societal pressure on women, encircling them like an unyielding cage. Sandstone blocks, worn by time and elements, represent the weight of expectations and cultural norms. Eroded over time, they embody the endurance of women in the face of adversity. The soft rubber, embodied in the form of a ballooning mass, represents the burgeoning strength from within. As women navigate the societal constraints, they swell in resistance, striving to break free.

In essence, Ravage captures the transformative journey of women, a journey that defies society's constraints, cultural norms, and religious demands. Each block, each piece of Sandstone, is a representation of the barriers that women shatter on their path to freedom.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to several individuals and organisations whose unwavering support and collaboration have been instrumental in bringing this sculpture to life. Special thanks go to Edcon Steel, Tom Butterworth, Tania McMurtry, and the IZco Electrical team.


Jamileh Jahangiri is the founder of Studio Orsi, a research based, invention friendly design studio based in Sydney. She an enthusiastic contributor to the Australian architectural community, having been a Juror for the Australian Institute of Architects, chair of the NSW sustainability working group and a member of National Climate Action and Sustainability Committee of the Australian Institute of Architects. She is also passionate about mentoring and teaching as she continues teaching at different Sydney Universities. With a strong passion for creating Public spaces, her interest in architecture lies on social and cultural dimensions of built environment. She is committed on creating places that engage with its cultural, environmental and social values. This design ethos drives her to advocate for a sensitive architecture that promotes cultural identities to encourage social changes.


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