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Les Sculptures Refusées Judges Choice award recipients are offered to complete a residency onsite at Q Station. 

The residency aims to provide the artist with time to reflect on their practice in a peaceful and beautiful Australian National Park setting. There is an opportunity for the public to engage with the artist on their open studio day and/or exhibition. 

We have now started a residency program that is open to artists via expression of interest to:

About the residency program

The 2023 LSR residency program covers 3 x 4 week residencies and 4 x 2 week residencies. It is a non-residential program (no accommodation is provided), so we understand that this won’t be suitable for many artists.


The residency is aimed at providing research and exploration space to sculptors/installation or spatial practice & 2D/3D-artists who might have hybrid practices, artists who are interested in time to produce new work influenced by the site.  Q Station has a rich and complex history environmentally and socially and is an ecological, heritage and indigenous significant site. Quarantine Station is part of NSW National Parks at North Head in Manly, Sydney, the studios are in a peaceful position with echidnas wandering the grass and sea eagles soaring.


This is a small/non-machinery residency – small hand tools are OK (within noise limits as the grounds are shared with a hotel) but there is no large sculpture workshop. There are limitations to pinning work on walls as the buildings have heritage overlays, so artists need to be flexible. We provide long table/benches to work at and access to a kitchen. The residency would suit self-directed artists who enjoy working in a quiet environment and/or who feel it is time to dive into new research, reflection or to explore new ways of working. As there are guests around, you may occasionally have a visitor come by and ask a question or two, we ask that you have a sign out once a week for visitors and a requirement of residency is to have a studio open day at the end of your time on a mutually agreed upon day (usually a weekend) where you share the process of your residency. The site has limited public transport but does have good parking!


The artist residency spaces are small, 100 year old wooden rooms in the hospital precinct. We are an artist run organisation of sculptors who work on our own practices and also curate exhibitions, stage the annual Les Sculptures Refusées, sculpture trails and workshops. We are a volunteer run organisation.


This residency is awarded free of cost to artists. There is no artist fee available, if you need a letter to support your own funding, we are happy to provide this.


Artist commitment on site:

• Artists are expected to commit to time in the studio 5-6 days per week on site for 2-week residencies and 4 days per week for 4 week residencies.

• Artists host an open day at the end of their residency.

• Artists are expected to be thoughtful of others and responsible on site.


To apply:

Send a paragraph about what you would like to use the residency to explore, a paragraph artist statement about your practice, a short bio, your CV, approx. 5-7 images of your work (please keep to small size for email), and a link to your website/Instagram. Note your availability between May-Oct


*This is a non-residential program (accommodation is not part of this program)

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