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Exhibiting Sculpture 

high water mark - target anemones

Our atavistic instincts have reached a zenith in climate change, with mass species extinctions although some weedy species will continue to exist and proliferate regardless of our folly.


Jellyfish and anemones are a couple of these so called ‘weedy’ animals.


Targeting these creatures and mapping their inexorable rise in our oceans helps to highlight habitat destruction and the eutrophication of the seas. These creatures also happen to be very beautiful.


‘Some scientists, such as Jeremy Jackson at Scripps Institution of Oceanography have suggested the oceans are reverting back to primeval seas of millions of years ago, when algae, bacteria and jellyfish ruled the oceans. He playfully dubs this “rise of slime” – Los Angeles Times 8th March 2011


Sea levels were much higher during these epochs. The Anthropocene is taking our planet and us backwards.


Dimensions: 2 pieces, 600mm & 450mm h and 400 diameter

Materials: Ceramic, underglaze and glaze

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