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Anna Dudek

Within Us

Anna Dudek

Acrylic Perspex, dichroic film, wire rope

400 x 120 x 120cm



Dudek’s sculptures don’t reside in a space, they command attention and contemplation as their aura washes over you with mirror-like surfaces, vibrant colours, and shifting shadows, immersing the viewer in a world of captivating illusions and reflections.
Light, self, the human condition, and the relationship between self and the natural world, reverberate across Dudek’s work. She is fascinated by the human perception of self and nature. The installation 'Within Us' explores the complexity of what it takes to understand and present ourselves as a whole. It prompts reflection on the parts of ourselves we reveal or hide to conform to expected societal norms.
The sculptures’ connection within space also serves as a poignant reminder that nothing exists in isolation and that our relationship with the landscape, both external and internal, is in a state of constant metamorphosis.


Anna Dudek has developed a significant practice about perceptions in the natural world and social relationships; particularly, what we see in nature and self can be hidden, obstructed or revealed from the shadows. Dudek won Les Sculptures Refusèes at Q Station Sydney in 2021 with her installation After Chinati which paid homage to the New York minimalist sculptor, Donald Judd. In 2020, she secured a prestigious commission for a series of sculptures at the NEXT Hotel, Melbourne. Besides exhibiting in competitions, solo and group exhibitions Dudek completed an artist residency at Q Station last April. She is represented by Otomys in Melbourne and has recently signed to Monat Gallery in Madrid.

Dudek is a multidimensional sculptor who holds a Master of Fine Art (2019) and Bachelor of Fine Art from the National Art School, Sydney. Dudek comes from New Zealand, but is currently based in Sydney. Her work is held in collections in Australia, New Zealand, Greece, USA, UK and Singapore.

Within Us
Within Us

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