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Katie Barbarie Stewart

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Katie Barbarie Stewart

Aluminium and Steel




We have all left prints in the sand and gave no thought of what trace or trail we were leaving behind. I see it as an allegory for our time on this continent and what we have taken and brought to it. The temporary marker of a footprint speaks louder about ourselves than we realise, yet time has a way to inevitably wash over what was once there before. It is a collective action that we are all privy too it is also a symbol of direction, belonging, reference to country and reminder of the past.
The construction of this multiple pieced work is a journey that is in keeping of site-specific conventions. It started by collecting found footprints from west and east coastlines of Australia. Each footprint is found, casted and collected.
However, this work found it fruition when I started directly casting footprints from the Quarantine Beach. Some days meeting the people who lent me a foot or finding them as I walked along the beach. In keeping to Qstations history I thought of the people that came before and those that left. This work wants to remember and respect the site.


At the core of Stewarts practice, is a multi-disciplinary approach to making and collaborating. Strengthened by a search for symbiosis between process, materials, and site.

Inspired by investigating structures of the natural and built world, Stewart exposes impressions found in nature to reveal the possibilities of neutral or nostalgic spaces. A process best characterised as ‘impression’ installation.
This involves exposing the negative space caused by imprints made from erosion, movement, or force. Stewart’s practice uses ceramics, stone carving, and sand casting to invert negative space to create abstract and nostaglic forms.

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Print Imprint

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