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Julia Rose


Julia  Rose


240cm x 110cm x 110cm



The sculpture is a representation of the human form, adorned in a piece of Couture, influenced by Victorian fashion.
She is decadent, with a sense of extravagance, yet grounded and raw.
The figurative art piece is composed from 2500 metres of wire, meticulously hand woven into the design.

Wire Binding embraces the design, forming and enhancing her wild soft nature.
Her face is crudely carved, so the artist is not telling the viewer who RiJulot is, she is who they need her to be.

Julia is known for creating decadent gowns from fresh flowers, soft and full of whimsy. Fantastical pieces that inspire.
Now, take that vision and imagine Rijulot perched proudly in a space with wildflowers climbing her gown - A decadent crown of flowers falling softly around her face. A Living growing piece of Floral couture, ever changing with the seasons.


Julia Rose, is a floral artist with an international reputation for her opulent and naturally eclectic wearable designs. With over two decades of industry experience, Julia Rose works with the concept of floral couture.

Julia Rose's unwavering dedication to perfection and her ability to evoke emotions through her designs have solidified her status as a visionary. Her work continues to inspire and redefine the boundaries of floral artistry. To witness the magic of Julia Rose's wearable designs and immersive installations is to be transported to a world where nature and art seamlessly intertwine, leaving an everlasting impression.


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