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Dean Winter is a multi-disciplined Arts Industry practitioner, having spent his life in the Theatre and Sculpture arenas. In theatre he has been at various times Installation Technician, PA Hire Company Owner, Audio Engineer, Lighting Designer, Production Manager, Artistic Director and Venue Owner. His sculptures are informed and influenced by his work in theatre. He is often seen to be a bit of a wild card, so this piece you may find either fantastic or crap, it’s up to you to decide which, (although I must say there is a concept in the visual and performing arts that if it is truly avant guard, nobody likes it). So if you do like it, great, and if you don’t I will take it as an indication I’m onto something. Clever eh, I win either way.

Exhibiting Sculpture 

Fission Chips

This Steampunkish / Whimsical work is a fishnet made of discarded electrical cables. It addresses Driftnets, Overfishing, Plastic in our oceans, Evolution, Resource depletion, Waste As Art, the Environment, Recycling / Upcycling, A.I., Robotics, Bioengineering, as well as humour.


One bottom end is looped around a Bollard made of computer manuals the other terminates in a rather dangerous manta-ray looking tangle of power supplies and terminated and bare wires. The colours of the net are of the rainbow, Bk Wt Rd Or Ye Gn Bu & Gy so any who identify with the rainbow can feel included here, LGBTIQ+ etc, Rainbow Serpent, water droplets in the sky.

Captured in the net are a number of sea creatures made of computer parts and the like.

All of which reveal the beauty and complexity of modern industrial processes and products.


Dimensions: 13m x 4m 

Materials: Electrical cables, computer parts, Theatre lights (Plastics, copper, steel, glass)

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