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Alex Thorby is an Australian painter and installation artist. Thorby explores the relationship Australians have with the sea and increasingly with climate change, the complicated ways that these times express. The artist works by moving paintings between the studio and en-plein-air painting in the landscape, crating sometimes 1.5m paintings into the bush or beach to work. Thorby also works with sculptural forms, creating installations which encourage an understanding of climate change concerns, working with materials collected on beaches and from waste (such as textile lint). The artist has had work exhibited in the Archibald prize, Doug Moran, North Sydney Sculpture Prize, Margaret Olley Retrospective, and the Salon de Refuse. With work museum and private collactions around Australia, Thorby currently has a major solo show at Manning Regional Gallery.

During her time at Q Station, Alex Thorby explored the environment at Q,  painted en-plein-air around the site and then worked on these in the Artist precinct studios.

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