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Helena Lillywhite graduated from University with a BA Honours Degree in Art and Related Arts in 1992. 


Lillywhite’s practice is informed by life and nature, through the use of light and shadows, her process involves the break down and simplification of forms, by a creating aesthetically considered structures and shapes. Starting from a point of likeness, her work at times evolves into an abstract nature. Lillywhite draws on her experience as a graphic designer as a starting point for many of works, using digital flat plains that are then assembled into a 3D structure.

Exhibiting Sculpture 


As a Sydney resident, I wanted to create a sculpture that would be specific and relevant to my local area and have some historical significance. Named after Sir Joseph Banks during his voyage to Australia in 1770, the Banksia is a native tree/shrub with 173 species found nationwide. My sculpture is a tribute to this flora that surrounds the area where I live.


The structure is made up of contrasting planes and materials. The corten steel central piece has rusted to rich and organic tones and gives colour to the flowers and leaves. 

This sits in-between the two contrasting smooth black silhouettes containing the detail within the foliage.


Dimensions: 2100h x 1100w x 300d

Materials: Corten Steel and Aluminium

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