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Redwood’s practice encompasses sculpture and installation.  She graduated from the College of Fine Arts (Sydney) in 2006, with a one year exchange at Alfred University, New York. She completed a Masters of Fine Art at The University of Newcastle in 2020.


She has participated in residencies and group/solo exhibitions in: Australia, Japan, China, India, Kenya, NZ and the USA. Redwood features in collections in Australia and internationally. Her work has been a finalist in many well-known Australian Sculpture events such as: Sculpture by the Sea, SWELL Sculpture Festival, The North Sydney Art Prize and Sculpture at Scenic World.

Exhibiting Sculpture 

Now you see me, now you don’t

When you look front on you can see trees laser cut into steel, when you view the side of the sculpture you see only an outline and finally looking at the back of the sculpture you see what has become of the trees.  The installation references the diminishing trees along our coastline that have been chopped down because of development.  The sawblade is a major tool in cutting the tree logs into the shapes we need. The sawblades are rolling down the hill as if chopping down trees as they go.


Dimensions: vary, the largest, 1500cm in diameter, smallest, 100sm in diameter.

Materials: Steel and wood

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