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Lucas Guilbert


Lucas Guilbert

Acacia mearnsii (Black Wattle) & Mild Steel




My work explores the interplay between the material's inherent qualities and my sculptural intervention. Wood offers itself openly, revealing its history, features, and idiosyncrasies. In contrast, the carver's touch, the tool's mark, and the maker's imprint are constructed with intentionality.
I strive to balance forms, tones, and textures, but more importantly, I seek the equilibrium between the imposed and the revealed. From abstract inspiration and flights of imagination, my sculptures manifest through the physicality of the wood grain.


Lucas Guilbert is an emerging sculptor based in Melbourne, Australia. Raised in Montreal, his multicultural background deeply influenced his artistic practice and philosophy. After extensive travels, Guilbert settled in Australia in 2007 and was inspired by the unique landscape and cultural paradigms of his new home. Guilbert's woodcarving technique allows him to explore the relationship between wood and place, and he uses the sculptural process as a means of introspective, meditative self-exploration.


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