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Sandra Winkworth is a Sydney based artist, who relishes in the process of re-layering her handmade images of the everyday alongside a hoarding of street throw-outs to form playful, environmentally concerned installations. Her work is a free roaming collage, merging between portraiture of society and urban landscape that celebrates the wonders of Nature through the small things while reminding us of our gluttony.

Sandra Winkworth regularly participates in collaborative projects, solo and group exhibitions including in 2022 at Cementa’s, Kandos Gallery, a sculptural work for an exhibition celebrating artists working with the hybrid print. Enjoying the experience and outcomes of artist residencies, Sandra has recently completed the programs at Hill End, NSW (2018); George River Council’s Carrs Bush Park Cottage(2021) and at the studio residency in North Sydney’s Coal Loader Centre of Sustainability (2017-18). Another highlight, was this year’s site responsive Celestial Rocks installation, exhibited at The Rocks /Tallowoladah, a commissioned piece by Placemaking NSW in collaboration with SLOT Window Gallery. 

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