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Amanda Hills

Field notes: Sydney navigator

Amanda Hills

Road maps, paper




A newly observed species of butterfly amasses in this cavernous grove of trees. Perhaps they have been overwintering or gathering for some other seasonal event or intent. The Sydney navigator is so named for its remarkable wing patterning resembling markings from bygone road atlases.
As the summer approaches, this kaleidoscope of butterflies will take flight, dispersing back across the wider Sydney basin to continue its cycle of life.
Nature knows no boundaries. It is uninhibited by borders and fences. Nature responds, adapts and evolves with its environment. The path of freedom does not require a map.


Amanda Hills studied sculpture at Georgia State University and Sydney College of the Arts.

Working across sculpture and installation, Amanda delves into the beauty and fascination of complex processes in nature. Themes of environment, adaptation, evolution, symbiosis, biomimicry, and the cycles of life are expressed in fictional form, creatures imagined for a world viewed through the filtered lens of human perception and understanding.

Amanda has work held in public and private collections

Field notes: Sydney navigator
Field notes: Sydney navigator

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