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Lisa Hölzl

Beach Ball: Paula, Paloma, Paulina

Lisa Hölzl

Ceramic and Steel

200 x 150 x 1850cm

$12000 ($4500ea)


'Beach Ball' is a whimsical ceramic installation of three life-size figurative, female sculptures called Paula, Paloma and Paulina. Inspiration was taken from three paintings by Pablo Picasso: The Bathers (1918), Bathers with Balloon (1926) and Ball Players On The Beach (1928). Each of these paintings encapsulates a sense of movement, play and joy, with figures shouting to be freed from their two-dimensional picture plane and transformed into three dimensional sculptures. The material of clay, which has been heat-baked into ceramic, bounces between the texture, shape and colour of the surrounding Sydney sandstone as well as the sun-drenched bodies it forms, almost like a stack of pebbles on the beach. The figures have been stripped back to a minimal palette of pink, flesh tones with contrasting blue and white beach balls and life-ring. This work aims to emphasise the simple pleasures of playing on the beach with a ball in the midst of Sydney's wonderful sea, salt and sand.


Lisa Hölzl is a Sydney – based, Marrickville artist focussed on sculptural ceramic projects that are body and botanically inspired. Her work draws upon her life-long passion for painting and transforming two-dimensional images into three-dimensional forms. Installations of totemic sculptures often create small microcosms exploring particular geographical sites or art historical stories. Individual works include biological and botanical forms that pay homage to Hölzl’s personal art muses and sometimes just the sublime beauty of nature and bodies themselves. Lisa’s work has been exhibited at the Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery Gymea, Kerrie Lowe Gallery Newtown and Sculptures@Scratchley Art Prize at Fort Scratchley Newcastle. This year her work can also be seen at Hidden Sculptures, Rookwood Cemetery, Sculptures In the Gardens, Rosby Estate, Mudgee and the Winmark Gallery at Winmark Wines in Broke.

Beach Ball: Paula, Paloma, Paulina
Beach Ball: Paula, Paloma, Paulina

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