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Meet Ellenore Griffith

Studied medicine Sydney University MBBS

Attended NAS short terms and summer schools 2010-2020

Solo exhibition Lane Cove Gallery

Group exhibitions Sydney and Rural NSW

Commissions Australia and Overseas

Represented in private collections

Exhibiting Sculptures 

Empty Yellow

This circular yellow sculpture encompasses and can enhance a more distant view…be it a window into a garden, a country or mountainous vista or water view.

Dimensions: 195 x 175 x 40cm

Materials: Steel & beam, Oil

Price: $5,000


A broken chain…freed.

No longer bound by prejudice, anxiety and fear or oppression.

Freed to choose, to go, to be, to live.

Dimensions: 208 x 70 x 87cm

Materials: Steel & beam, Oil

Price: $5,000

Maestro’s Baton

How do you portray the calm swell of the sea, the fury or whisper of the wind, the sadness or the joy of emotion of mankind? Musically, every beat and note and nuance of emotion can be captured and expressed by the Maestro and the Baton.

Dimensions: 53.5 x 38 x 14cm

Materials: Steel, Powdered Coat

Price: NFS

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