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Tania is an Irish born artist living and working in Sydney. She recently completed her MFA Sculpture at the National Art School (2019) and was a recipient of the inaugural Harvey Galleries Graduate of Excellence Award. Tania is a multidisciplined artist and has a variety of work in private collections both in Australia and overseas. She has public sculpture at Quarantine Station Wharf and Quarantine Peace Park, Manly 2020.

Exhibiting Sculpture 

The Shadow Lines 

“Shadows like time, are both tangible and intangible at any given moment or realm of perspective.” Hitesh S.Vaghani


Tania McMurtry's sculptures speak to her earliest recollections of growing up in Northern Ireland — of trauma and dislocation by human means - infusing her work with an emotional potency. The large charred black timber beams stand erect, with post-industrial steel supports revealing just a hint of the artist’s hand. The work manifests as a passage and a barrier, the dichotomy of which represents a visceral tension truly experienced whilst wholly within the space.  


The Shadow Lines cast by an immutable sun reveal and conceal the rustic construction exposing the temporal quality in the work. Integral to the sculpture’s connection with place - shadows and the viewers gaze move through space and time.


Dimensions: 208 x 158 x 340cm

Materials: Timber, Steel 


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