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Building on the tradition of the great 1863 Parisian Salon in which two thirds of all the painting’s submitted were rejected, Les Sculptures Refusées (LSR) presents a show of sculptures born out of this grand tradition. This initial rejection forced artists of the calibre of Courbet and Manet to create opportunities of their own - defying the academy. From these revolutionary actions, the conception of the Salon of the Refused was born. Les Sculptures Refusées literally translates to ‘the sculpture of the refused’. Just like the infamous 1863 exhibition LSR is an artist run event providing opportunities for Australian and International artists to work at the fringes of the Australian sculpture scene and get their work shown. 

Sculpture is an integral part of our DNA. Initiated by artists Tania McMurtry and Simon Hodgson, Les Sculptures Refusées is a Not for Profit run completely by volunteers. Les Sculptures Refusées ambition is to showcase the breadth of innovation and diversity in Australian sculpture. LSR is held annually at Manly’s historically and culturally rich Quarantine station. 


Held during Sydney’s beautiful spring season - LSR not only highlights a unique part of Sydney’s harbour foreshore but brings to it some of the most exciting and experimental developments in contemporary art. The exhibition features quality artists that were not chosen by Sydney’s iconic Sculpture by the Sea. Previous exhibitions have featured the work of Orest Keywan, Paul Selwood and Lucy Barker.

In 2022, the team expanded with Tamsin Salehian as our Creative Director and Residency Coordinator! 

Please join us for a festival of sculpture, artist talk’s and workshops as we re-imagine the exquisite parklands at Q-station, Manly.


Thank you to our families, friends and the public for your support. 

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