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Swiss Born, Andre Braun has been studying in the field of Architecture in Switzerland and moved to Sydney in 1995. 

Since 2012, Andre Braun has been exhibiting in various locations and his work combines architecture, photography, street art and sculpture.


Publications: SMH, Wentworth Courier, ABC, The Guardian. 

Andre Braun has been selected twice in the "Head on” Photography Festival as an Associated Exhibitor.

Exhibiting Sculpture 


Influenced by his architectural and photography skills, this artwork explores our obsession with touchscreen devices, exploring our growing addiction towards technology.

This sculpture explores our growing dependency on touchscreen devices, expressed here with a number of enlarged smartphone-shaped objects overlooking Sydney Harbour.

Represented as a series of smartphone silhouettes facing the ocean, this concept involves a series of three smartphones, a reflection of our obsession with memories digitally recorded. Using hands as a supportive element, these artworks have been rescaled to large display allowing the public to navigate in and around those elements, allowing the visitors to ironically taking pictures using their own smart devices in front of those enlarged framed “smartphone silhouette”.


To conclude, a wise quote to express my hope for the future:

”The human spirit must prevail over technology.”

Albert Einstein


Dimensions: 2000mm x1200mm x 45mm

Materials: Corten Steel

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