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Meet Simon Hodgson

Simon Hodgson is an artist based on the N.S.W Central Coast. Simon works as a Workshop technician and Sessional lecturer at the National Art School, Sydney. Simon is represented by Robin Gibson Gallery.


Simon has had numerous solo and group exhibitions with the gallery and is a regular finalist in prestigious sculpture prizes including Sculpture at Sawmillers and Sculpture by the Sea.

Exhibiting Sculpture

I Seem To be A Verb 

'I Seem To Be A Verb’ continues Simon Hodgson's research into the relationship between the logic of the concept and beauty of the image.


My practice is primarily concerned with an examination of the triangular relationship between the body, landscape and the built environment. I’m interested in images and the history of image making, in particular the constructs around building illusionary spaces within which we can imagine ourselves inhabiting and its evolution to what might be described, now, as an immersive space; which can occupy real and imagined space. As a collective, we visualise how we might inhabit a place and configure the location and our imagination to fit. I’m interested in investigating sculpture within that broader visualising culture: and its role in ‘instituting a place’.

Dimensions: 250 x 250 x 250cm

Materials: 6mm round bar

Price: $22,000

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