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Akira Kamada


Akira Kamada

Fallen branches, timber off cuts, rope




We living creatures lived there.
Amongst friends.
We lived naturally, instinctively, with nature.
Now I can only raise my voice
And ask for you to listen.

The ability to regenerate in the rhythm of nature is balanced but the speed of human development is breaking the balance.
With the increasing devastation of liveable environments, how can there ever be a return to viable coexistence of all life including people?


Akira Kamada is a sculptor and installation artist who works mostly with natural, recycled or re-purposed materials. He is inspired by the subtle beauty and complexity of the natural world, and a central concern of his work is the impact of human behaviour on the natural environment, and on our overall social fabric. Born in Japan, Kamada studied photography and painting before immigrating to Australia in 1987. While working as a landscape gardener specialising in contemporary Japanese garden design, he studied ceramics and sculpture, and began exhibiting in group shows and public exhibitions from the early 2000s. His pieces are featured in outdoor collections at Western Sydney University (Campbelltown and Penrith campuses),Transfield Holdings, Granite Island SA, numerous private collections and he has been a regular finalist in Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi. In recent years he has begun focusing on more ephemeral, site-specific pieces and and on smaller indoor works. In 2014 Kamada and his partner moved from Sydney to the Jervis Bay area, where has been able to combine his own art practice with the running of local sculpture workshops and outdoor environmental sculpture shows.


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