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Anna Dudek graduated with an MFA from the National Art School 2019. Besides exhibiting in solo and group shows, she has completed both private and public commissions. In 2021 her sculptural installation ‘After Chinati’ won Les Sculptures Refusées at Q Station, Manly. Dudek works in Sydney and is represented by Otomys Gallery, Melbourne.

Anna Dudek creates art works that highlight the spontaneous movement of natural light. Her sculptures engage the viewer and the architectural surroundings with visual performances by capturing and spreading spectral light effects from their reductive forms. They serve to remind us that nothing exists in isolation.

Anna completed her four week residency in April. Here is what she had to say about her experience:

"My art residency at Q Station allowed me to focus solely on my creative practice without the distractions of everyday life. Responding to the historic and natural surroundings, I could completely slow down, observe, experiment and intuit a progressive sequence of creative enquiry that resulted in a site-specific art installation.

The experience pushed me to be innovative and resourceful and inspired me to expand my usual work boundaries. In addition, the sunny studio deck and its constant play of shadows and light effects re-reminded me why I am so drawn to this subject matter in my art practice.  

I am incredibly grateful to Tania and Tamsin from LSR, who supported me throughout the month and brought with them a sense of collaboration, friendship and warmth.

My installation was publicly exhibited with a studio open day and was the perfect way to complete my residency." 

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