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Sandra Pitkin

Connections Beneath

Sandra Pitkin

copper - silver brazed

52 x 58 x 9 cm

$ 2500

As we are connected, so are the plants the tress connected beneath the surface of the soil.

Mycelium enables interaction between plants, communication, sustenance and even protection of individual species.

The branching structure is similar to many other forms of essential connection: the root system, of plants the neural network , the circulatory system of humans, even the internet. All systems providing a continuous complex web structure and means of communication.
To enable this form I have used copper wire, known for its conductivity, to silver braze each connection to form a whole.

Since graduating BVA (hons) at Sydney College of the Arts Sandra has continued to exhibit widely, with major works selected for SxS on 6 occasions with two awards for the Site Specificity, recently the Australia Council for the Arts Award for New and Innovative Work. and the Peoples Choice Award at the 2020 Urunga Small Sculpture Prize.
Sandra’s work has been selected for many major public exhibitions including: Small Sculpture Prize Urunga, The Woollahra Art Prize, North Sydney Art Prize, Swell Sculpture Festival, Harbour Sculpture Exhibition, Willoughby Sculpture Prize, Sculpture at Scenic World, Macquarie University Gallery, with smaller works in local and Sydney galleries.
Her interest in Science, nature and human interaction, has led to a pursuit of understanding our connections, communication and sense of place.
Sandra often uses the forms of nature to initiate connection, before moving to another aspect of meaning to encourage reflection within the viewer.
Whilst often working with copper, silver brazing fine detail areas to form large works; Sandra continues to explore other media and methods of creation.
Sandra’s sculptures are represented in national private sculpture collections and many commissioned works.

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