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Rosie Goslett-King  

Ngura, 2023 Old ways, new country

Rosie Goslett-King_Ngura, 2023 Old ways, new country

Feccina Nodosa - knobbly club rush (native grass)

15 x 15 x 45cm

1 at $650 and 2 at $500ea

Volume I represents an alternate state: the solidity of the sphere marked and punctured by the physical imprint of an imbalanced force. What is seemingly solid and eternal is in reality permeable and fragile. It reflects another world that could be our own.

Rosanna is a Budawang Yuin woman working in conservation. Ngura translates to 'nest/home/camp/belonging' in Rosanna's Dhurga language. The Ngura series, like its title, has many meanings. The works seek to acknowledge the sadness of species/family lost and those unknown, cultural practice twisting to fit modern society, Lore to work with Law. 

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