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Robert  Barnstone


Robert Barnstone_Beacon

Painted Steel

Beacon develops from a long body of work that began as an investigation using fairly simple steel objects in order to construct vessels of darkness, containers of the unknown. Each piece in this body of work is conceived as an intriguing container where the volume within the object is inaccessible to the eye and therefore is constructed in the imagination as a void with a distinct shape. The act of constructing a conceptual space initiates a second presencing of the object : the object and all its apparent referents in material and form and the world of the imagination, a ghost of the subconscious. Therefore the piece presents the aspect of the void as equally important as the material substance of the work, it gives the work volume and presence, it is a paradoxical transformation of materiality. The intention behind the work is simply to evoke resonant qualities, to provoke curiosity and thoughtful observation on the part of the viewer. By engaging the space of the imagination, the forces of analogy begin to search for referents with which to place this object in the world. acts on the imagination by making at least three principal analogies; to gender, primitive objects and the industrial past. In other words, the piece can be read as a statement about identity, form and material. Beacon is at once an archetypal form that appeals to deeper collective memories and a unique physical presence in the here and now.

Robert Barnstone is a practicing artist and Associate Professor, with degrees in Sculpture and Architecture from Bennington college, Master of Architecture, Harvard. Art installations : Prone at the Socrates Sculpture Park in NYC, Once Removed, SXS, Bondi,2013, Line vessels, SxS Bondi 2014, Cleft WSU, Body shells, SxS Bondi 2016 ,Gene Rosa SxS 2018. Prize and collections: Wolliombi , Whittier College Collection, Narrative interventions, Cite University Paris, Western Sydney University, Mona Farms, Kerr Neilson collection.

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