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Lisa Jones

Volume I

Lisa Jones_Volume I

Pencil on Papier Mâché

48 dia


“A Globe (according to the Mathematical Definition) is a perfect and exact round Body, contained under one Surface. Of this Form (as hath been proved) consists the Heavens and the Earth: And therefore the Ancients with much Pains, Study and Industry, endeavouring to imitate as well the imaginary as the real appearances of
them both, have Invented two Globes: the one to represent the Heavens, with all the Constellations…”*

The earth is a finely balanced entity. Its elements compliment and contrast, maintaining equilibrium.
Volume I represents an alternate state: the solidity of the sphere marked and punctured by the physical imprint of an imbalanced force. What is seemingly solid and eternal is in reality permeable and fragile. It reflects another world that could be our own.

* Joseph Moxon, ‘A tutor to astronomie and geographie, or, An easie and speedy way to know the use of both the globes’, 1659,

Lisa Jones is an artist, artist-curator and collaborator living and working on Gadigal land (Sydney). Jones’ work explores drawing, sculpture and video. Jones studied at Goldsmiths, University of London and Wimbledon School of Art before completing an MFA from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and an MVA at Sydney College of the Arts. Jones has exihibited nationally and internationally in solo and collaborative project shows in institutional spaces, artist-run-initiatives and commercial galleries.
Jones has been a finalist in the Kedumba Drawing Award, Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing and Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award. Her works have been acquired by Artbank, Macquarie University Art Gallery, and the Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Prize. Recent exhibitions include the National Art School, Tin Sheds Gallery, Artspace
Mackay, May Space, Sydney and Drawing Projects UK. Jones is represented by M Contemporary, Sydney.

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