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Lisa Hölzl


Lisa Hoezl

Ceramic, steel


$950 each ($2400 set of 3)

These quarter - scale maquettes of Paula, Paloma and Paulina were created for the Beach Ball Installation - a whimsical ceramic installation of three life-size figurative sculptures.  Inspiration was taken from three paintings by Picasso: The Bathers (1918), Bathers with Balloon (1926) and Ball Players On The Beach (1928). Each of these paintings encapsulates a sense of movement, play and joy, with figures shouting to be freed from their two-dimensional picture plane and transformed into three dimensional sculptures, each figure playing on the beach with a ball. (Paulina on display in gallery; Paula & Paloma available to view, please enquire)

Lisa Hölzl is a Sydney – based, Marrickville artist focussed on sculptural ceramic projects that are body and botanically inspired and which draw upon her life-long  passion for painting. Installations of totems often form small microcosms exploring particular geographical sites or art historical stories. Individual works include biological and botanical forms paying homage to Hölzl’s personal art muses and sometimes just the sublime beauty of nature itself. New communities of bodies, animals and plants come together in ever changing compositions and groups or as stand-alone works of art.

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