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Jane  Theau

Folded Soul

Jane  Theau_Folded Soul

Bronze, woven horsehair

35 x 25 x 21


Folded Soul is one of the Soul series, a body of work that resulted from my PhD
research into tactility and textiles in contemporary art. It was influenced by the
suggestion put forward by the philosopher Michel Serres that our soul is in our skin
because it is there that we meet and mingle with the world. This sculpture was made
to be touched - the bronze and the fabric provide tactile contrasts in texture,
temperature, weight and volume. I chose to weave a fabric of horsehair as this

Jane Théau’s art practice is multi-disciplinary, encompassing sculpture and
installation, collaboration with performers, curation, and the facilitation of
community art projects. Awards she has received include the Rookwood Sculpture
Prize, the Grace Cossington Smith Early Career Award, the Australian Design Centre
Award and residencies at Hill End, Bundanon, and Textilsetur, Iceland. Group
exhibitions include the 2021 Blake Prize, the 2020 Tamworth Textile Triennial, the

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