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Elena Murgia

The weight of dreams

Elena Murgia_The weight of dreams

Carrara marble on iron and sandstone

H55 cm W24cm D20cm


Like an iceberg plunging beneath the surface, layers of consciousness cradle the weight of dreams.

Graduating in Fashion Design at Florence University, Italy, Elena Murgia began working with ceramics in London in 2013 and relocated to Sydney in 2017 where her practice is primarily in bronze and marble.

Her sculptures are psychological portraits, inviting the viewer’s own intimate interpretation.

Elena sums it up: “My interest is the human - more often the female - psychology related to its necessity to be beautiful, but also to escape from the shackle of women’s representation seen through a male gaze”.

Director’s Choice gallery, TBSSS Exhibition, 2017;
First Prize Director’s Choice, TBSSS Exhibition, 2018,
“Cely Award” Scholarship, TBSSS Exhibition, 2019;
Finalist at Sculptures in the Vineyards 2020;
Group exhibition “Art in isolation” Clara Street Gallery October 2020;
Finalist at Wollahara Small Sculpture Prize 20th Anniversary 2020;
Finalist at Sculptures in the Vineyards 2021;
Group exhibition “ Darlings” Curatorial & Co. December 2021.
Finalist at Sculptures in the Vineyards 2022;
Finalist at Le petit salon de sculpture 2022.

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