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Chris  Atichian 

Blue Rondo

Chris  Atichian 

Painted Steel


Chris commenced sculpting in 2009. As a mechanical engineer, he approaches his sculptural practice with a view to pushing the boundaries and physical limitations of the materials he works with. Chris predominantly work with marble and steel.
Most recently Chris has been developing a welded steel practice at National Art School, where he has trained with Paul Hopmeier and Jim Croke.
In Chris' steel work, a lot of the process is performed by working the steel at high temperatures subject to extreme pressure. The process by nature is unpredictable and the resulting forms have an element of being semi self-made, such that the artist's presence sometimes only defines the start and end points of that process. In these works, Chris strives to obtain flesh like folds in the steel, such that the material acquires a softness not typically associated with steel.

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