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Tania McMurtry


Tania McMurtry

recycled Australian hardwood and steel

110 w x 250 L x 165cm h



‘Individuation’ started as a conceptual closing in on details of previous works, an attempt to move closer to the space in-between – the thin place. Letting the physicality of the material work with me, it was only when standing back could I see the architectural influence of recent stays in Scotland and the squares and lines imbedded in the architecture at Q Station. The space in-between both beckons and repels, it’s the space between worlds, between cultures and countries – it is me.


Tania is an Irish born artist living and working in Sydney. She completed her MFA Sculpture at the National Art School (2019) and was a recipient of the inaugural Harvey Galleries Graduate of Excellence Award. Tania is a multidisciplined artist and has a variety of work in private collections both in Australia and overseas. She has public sculpture at Quarantine Peace Park, Manly 2020. Tania is Cofounder of Les Sculptures Refusées.


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