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All types, forms and sizes of sculpture, in all materials, are eligible for entry to Les Sculptures Refusées @QStation 2021 (LSR@Q) The exhibition site can accommodate very large to small sculptures. When submitting works artists are required to consider safety, ease of installation and removal, the environment and the ability of their work to withstand sun, extremely strong wind, rain, salt spray and children. Works considered by Mawland Quarantine Station Pty Limited, the operator of QStation, to be unsafe will be ineligible.


All artist submissions will be considered by our Curatorial Panel including:

  • Tania McMurtry, Artist and event organizer

  • Simon Hodgson, Artist and event organizer

  • Jo Neville, Artist in Residence and Interpretational Curator QStation

  • Suzanne Stanton, Director Mawland Quarantine Station Pty Limited

If a member of the Curatorial Panel has a commercial relationship with an artist who has submitted a work for consideration, the submission will be considered by the other members of the panel alone.

Judges for 2021 to be advised.

Restrictions apply to sites which present public safety and/or environmental concerns

Artists are encouraged to select three proposed sites for their sculpture by marking and describing their preferred sites, in order of preference, on the enclosed map.

Final site selection for all sculptures in the exhibition is the decision of LSR@Q


Artists are responsible for the transportation of their sculptures, to and from the exhibition site and for arranging the removal of all packaging materials from the site.


The costs of cranes, forklifts and trucks if necessary, must be paid by the artist.

Installation will take place between October 3-8, 2021, artists will be consulted about their preferred times for installation within this window.

The responsibility for installing and de-installing the sculpture is the artists. Please bring your own tools. If you need assistants, bring them along. Assistance from LSR@Q will include discussing the means of installation and the best access to the site from the nearest drop off point.

De-installation will commence from 7am on 22 November 2021 and all sculptures are to be removed by the exhibiting artist by 5pm on 26 November 2021 unless otherwise agreed by the Site Manager. All sites must be returned to their original condition by each exhibiting artist.

If an artist wishes to continue to exhibit their sculpture @QStation it may be possible by arrangement at QStation’s discretion.


The exhibition does not have an accidental and malicious damage insurance policy to cover the sculptures. We do hold public risk insurance.

All risk in the exhibition of sculptures remains with the artist at all times, on or off site or in transit. By signing the application form artists authorise the Les Sculptures Refusées @QStation to move their sculpture or remove it from the site for any reason, including but not limited to public safety, damage or potential damage to the sculpture or for the cohesive curation of the exhibition.


LSR@Q are not able to provide storage during the exhibition for crates and packaging. No loose polystyrene packing materials are to be used for packaging artwork in transport crates. The artist is responsible for de-installing, cleaning and packing the Sculpture after the exhibition, at the cost of the artist.

For the purpose of managing sales and site safety, all artists are to have a daytime contact or mobile phone number during the exhibition available at Reception at QStation. LSR will receive a 30% commission on any sale plus GST where applicable. In the case of artists exclusively represented in NSW by galleries or agents at the time the artist makes their submission to LSR, Les Sculptures INC will pay the gallery or agent a 15% commission on any sales.

Any press release relating to exhibiting in the exhibition must be provided before release to LSR@Q. Please submit any media ideas to Les Sculptures Refusées @QStation. Feel free to use social media to promote your work in LSR@Q. Our approval is required to make sure you do not use social media to promote your sponsors in a way that would cause others to think they were sponsors of the whole exhibition, or that your sculpture was a focus of the exhibition to the exclusion of other works.

Artists agree that their sculptures will not affect the environment or the site in any lasting way e.g. rocks or soil cannot be permanently drilled into or trees cut back.

Artists are prohibited from using polystyrene in the fabrication or packaging of their works.


Sculptures must respect the cultural and indigenous heritage of QStation. Any sculptures that utilise sound should submit a recording or a detailed description of the sound.

All directions/requests from QStation staff must be complied with.

Artists’ sponsors are not authorised to use images of the sculpture taken at the exhibition for commercial purposes, including commercial websites, without approval of LSR@Q.

Artists’ sponsors are not to host functions at QStation or issue press releases without the written consent of LSR@Q.

LSR@Q has the right to reproduce images of the sculpture to be exhibited and any images of the work in the exhibition for the exhibition catalogue, publicity, advertising or archival purposes.

Each exhibiting artist assigns to LSR@Q that part of the worldwide copyright in the artistic work which confers the exclusive right to make two dimensional copies of the work. LSR@Q will not authorise the use of a photo of an artist’s sculpture under this clause for commercial purposes without the artist’s written approval and without the artist receiving the appropriate acknowledgement, including their name and the title of their sculpture. This clause does not prevent any artist from using images of their sculpture at LSR@Q. For avoidance of doubt QStation may use images of the sculpture on its website provided appropriate acknowledgement is made, during and after the exhibition.

If you wish to use images of your work taken at the exhibition for any promotional purposes including websites, opening invitations or photos submitted to publications please notify us and credit the exhibition.

Artists are not permitted to have commercial logos or websites on their works.


Signage will be provided by LSR@Q in the form of a QR code.


By clicking 'I Accept' on the application form, it acknowledges the following,


I have read and understood the terms and conditions of exhibiting, including;

  • all risk remains with the artist during the exhibition, including installation and de-installation and transportation of the sculpture to and from the exhibition;

  • public liability insurance is provided but not insurance for damage or theft;

  • the artist will cover the freight costs;

  • no airfares or accommodation assistance is available; and

  • all COVID19 rules of QStation and all relevant authorities must be followed by the artist.

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