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Le Petit Salon de Sculpture

The Cloisters [for Wendy]


Christine Simpson


40 x 37 x 25cm


Mild Steel



Artist Statement

The Cloisters arrived after my first experience utilising the arc welder. Mild steel employed in this manner of deconstruction and construction has allowed for tenuous relationships between positive and negative shapes to create an artwork free from preconceived restraints. The play of light and shadow along the various facets, the lightness and contrasting heaviness of various elements, the internal machinations and the silently ascending rhythm holds this artwork somewhere between grounded earth and the eternalised ether.


Following on from more than two decades of artmaking, exhibiting, educating, collaborating, curating and completing postgraduate studies at Sydney’s SCA majoring in Sculpture, Performance and Installation, I have arrived at a practice that has become a facilitation of energy’s processes. Via use of light, colour, form and phenomena, my artwork manifests as dynamic permeations to impress the sensory experiences of lived existence.

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