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Le Petit Salon de Sculpture

The Bath House


Sarah Fitzgerald 


45.5 x 30 x 10cm


Balsa Wood, Timber, and Acrylic Paint



Artist Statement

This work is inspired by the Bath Houses at the Quarantine Station, the gateway through which all arrivals passed after the long journey to Australia. These buildings now sit as disused relics from the past. Based on archival architectural drawings of the ‘Bath House for Saloon Passengers’, the building is depicted as a skeleton. Fragile and transparent, it echoes the remains of what was once the entry point to a bustling community. The linear form also suggests the architectural drawings, the plans made from an idea that was then built but now sits abandoned, as an eerie reminder of a bygone time.


Sarah Fitzgerald is an artist and architect interested in contemporary issues of place and identity and the role structures such as architecture and language affect the way we live and communicate with each other. She has an MFA in painting from National Art School Sydney.

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