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Le Petit Salon de Sculpture

Shallow state


Simon Hodgson


17.5 x 72 x 37cm


Painted Steel (red and blue)




Artist Statement

Simon Hodgson’s sculptures are about space and how we inhabit and negotiate the world we live in. Simon’s new abstract sculptures turn introspective. Retaining the skeletal quality of his earlier works the sculptures are drawn out with a more complex, sophisticated use of line. More austere in their articulation, the surface still retains enough of the artist’s hand to reveal what is human about the work. Scaled to the domestic “the sculptures emphasize our relationship to functional space, the things we use. Rather than a bodily encounter – the experience is one of the familiar, of being with everyday commonplace objects. 


Simon Hodgson is an artist/curator based on the N.S.W Central Coast. Recently, Simon has been working closely with fellow artist Tania McMurtry developing Les Sculpture Refusees and the companion exhibition Le Petit Salon de Sculpture. Simon works as a Workshop technician and Sessional lecturer at the National Art School, Sydney and has had numerous solo and group exhibitions and is a regular finalist in prestigious sculpture prizes including Sculpture at Sawmillers and Sculpture by the Sea.

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