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Le Petit Salon de Sculpture

red rock


Simon Reece


28 x 23 x 15cm


Ceramic, underglaze and glaze



Artist Statement

From an early age I’ve always collected rocks and minerals having a fascination with their beauty and inherent essence.

I have been making representations of rocks for many years now starting with my continental platters in the early 2000’s. These were escarpment that were flattened as tableaus to become vehicles for presentation of food. Used by chefs notably Christine Manfield in her book Desert Divas.

Slowly these escarpments became very large 200kg for the Blue Mts Cultural Centre and 8 tonnes or so for the Morning View Rock created in Gulgong as part of the Clay Gulgong 2016. Still searching for the beauty and essence of these natural phenomena. They also became smaller around this time and became more like Japanese Suiseki or Chinese Scholar Rocks for contemplation and meditation.

The ‘red rock’ is part of a psychedelic journey with my rocks at present. Contemplation and meditation on the essence of these pieces is where we are at present with respect to modern throw away objects that may get very little attention.



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