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Le Petit Salon de Sculpture



Tamsin Salehian


30 x 20 x 40cm


Resin, felt, modelling compound




Artist Statement

The hyacinth orchid Dipodium punctatum grows on North Head sanctuary and is a plant that has no leaves as it relies on an underground network of mycelium fungi for energy, an assemblage that allows it to flower without photosynthesising. Industrial felt is a soft material used to cradle and support and has a similarly distributed formation process, in this case made up of discarded clothing and rag from many people. Serra gently curved or rested steel so that the incredibly heavy material could stand without falling. I am interested in the way the formal elements of sculpture can become sketches which interrogate structures of support and the material worlds that interconnect.


Tamsin Salehian has been involved in both environmental and artistic projects in the UK and Australia for over 10 years. She has produced large-scale installations and her work often involves an interdisciplinary approach to media. Using computer modelling, sculpture, drawing and photography Tamsin Salehian explores ideas concerning contemporary culture, and social and environmental issues. She holds an MFA from the National Art School, BFA from the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University, and a BA and BSc from the Australian National University.

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