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Le Petit Salon de Sculpture



Akira Kamada


38 x 45 x 40cm


Silky Oak, Lindseed Oil paint



Artist Statement

I drank large amounts of water in order to grow. As my roots strengthened, they spread deeper and wider into the ground and my body grew taller, spreading out into the sky.

I experienced many fires and droughts but I had company, around and amongst my roots, branches and leaves. I communicated with fungi, birds, insects, animals, wind, rain and sunshine throughout my whole life.


Akira Kamada is a sculptor and installation artist whose central focus is nature and the impact of human behaviour on the natural environment and our overall social fabric. He mostly works with natural, recycled or re-purposed materials.

Born in Japan in 1955, Kamada migrated to Sydney in 1987, and moved to the Jervis Bay area in 2014. He first entered Sculpture by the Sea Bondi in 2006 and has since been a regular finalist at SXS and many other shows. He has won numerous awards and prizes and has work in a several collections.

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