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Les Sculptures are proud to announce that Lucy Barker and Jane Gillings will be the first artists to take up residency at Q station as part of Les Sculptures in the Spotlight. Les Sculptures in the Spotlight gives local artists an exceptional opportunity to work in conjunction with Q station to develop and show a body of work that responds to a unique part of Sydney’s cultural and natural history.  

Jane Gillings practice is primarily focused on notions of possession, memory and loss using found objects to draw meaning from materials and space. Lucy Barker’s practice draws on observations of social and environmental change as a result of the digital revolution. Together Jane and Lucy will develop a project that responds to our shared experience of the Covid 19 pandemic, whilst reflecting on Q station’s complex and diverse histories. The project will develop over an 3-month period with Jane and Lucy working collaboratively with community groups and engaging in workshops. The intention is to produce a collaborative work that will become a reflection of this difficult period and of community resilience.

Lucy Barker and Jane Gillings met while walking along a narrow bush track on the NSW Central Coast. They quickly realised they were both artists with a similar interest in working with unusual materials as diverse as dryer fluff, sand, used veterinary syringes and used plastic cutlery. This unconventional palette they both use in their art making reflects a deep environmental concern as well as an interest in material as metaphor. By using discarded and used objects, both artists question aspects of human behaviour on an intimate and universal scale. The meaning of the work is enhanced by the history of the stuff from which it is made. 

The work they will be producing at Q Station will reflect this practice. By creating a visual response to the history and significance of Q station and the land on which is stands, the artists aim to highlight its connection and contrast to the current pandemic and related issues. This examination will involve the use of waste materials found on site as well as collections and donations of other discarded material to explore themes such as healing and connection. 


They will be encouraging involvement from visitors and the general public and will be offering sessions of art making for all ages and abilities – so come say hi! 


January 21st 1pm - 7pm 

January 22nd 10am -7pm

January 23rd 10am - 1pm

January 28th 1pm - 7pm 

January 29th 10am - 7pm

January 30th 10am - 1pm

February 5th 1pm - 7pm 

February 6th 10am - 7pm

February 7th 10am - 1pm

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