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Application Questions: 

  • What's your first and last name?

  • What is your email address, best contact number and postcode? 

  • What is the title of your work?

  • What is the status of your work? (Concept, Work in Progress, Completed)

  • What are the dimensions of the work? (mm)

  • How much does it (approximately) weigh? (kg)

  • What is the medium/materials used?

  • What year did you enter this sculpture in Sculpture by the Sea?

  • Is your work for sale? If yes, how much? (Please use Australian Dollars and include the 30% commission and 10% GST (if applicable).)

  • Please upload a photo of your work. 

  • Please enter your artist statement (max. 400 characters).

  • Terms and Conditions. 

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