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Visit Q Station at North Head Manly, and see sculpture in the harbourside National Park.

Les Sculptures Refusées is an artist run exhibition which supports artists from Sculpture by the Sea as well as invited artists from around Australia.

We are paperless, so click on the buttons for maps and catalogue>>>

Sculpture Walk


Akira Kamada | Alexandra Mills ​| Alex Thorby​ ​| Amanda Hills ​| Anna Dudek​ ​| ​Annelies Jahn ​| Annette Bukovinsky ​| Ayako Saito ​| Barbara Licha ​| Camie Lyons ​| Chris Atichian ​| Christine Simpson ​| Chrystal Rimmer ​| David Horton ​| Ebony Russell ​| Elena Murgia ​| Ellenore Griffith ​| Emryn Ingram-Shute | Jamileh Jahangiri | Jane Théau | Jason Farrow | Jane Burton Taylor | Julia Rose | Katie Barbarie Stewart | Lisa Hölzl | Lisa Jones | Lucas Guilbert | Merridth Zagami | Orest Keywan | Phillipa Hagon | Robert Barnstone | Ron Robertson-Swann | Rosie Goslett-King | Sallie Portnoy | Sandra Pitkin | Simon Reece | Tamsin Salehian | Tania McMurtry | Wil Edwards-Franchimon

We are currently collecting donations to assist artists with transport and travel cancellations/changes due to LSR postponement

Check out our GoFundMe!

 Previous Exibitions
This website is the home page for LSinc, an artist-led, not-for-profit arts organisation which programs sculpture exhibitions and residency programs  -  large scale outdoor and indoor exhibitions of work which include the Les Sculptures Refusées (LSR).

LSR is the sculpture refusées for Sculpture by the Sea Bondi. Exhibition artists include LSR sculptors and supporting sculptors.
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