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Annette Bukovinsky


Annette Bukovinsky_Lift

Fired clay, MDF and plastic

42cm x 33cm x 33cm


Many of the calamitous climate events in recent times leave little doubt that humanity is faced with mounting pressure to reconsider long-established norms in order protect the vitality of our planet. Lift explores my observations and thoughts regarding these challenges and investigates some of my concerns regarding human/nature relationships. At a time when many social and economic priorities are championed over environmental protection, this work reflects my desire to expand the search for a new ecological philosophy that can address these challenges. The traditional hand-building techniques of coiling, pinching and moulding thankfully afford such protracted reflections.

Annette Bukovinsky is an artist based in Sydney, Australia. Her practice explores the complexities of humanity’s relationship with nature with the aim of searching for a new ecological philosophy that can address the challenges threatening the vitality of our planet. Her sculptural ceramic forms are often paired with ready-made forms or industrial surplus to investigate growing concerns about anthropogenic climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

A finalist in numerous national art prizes, Bukovinsky’s work has also been exhibited in commercial and regional galleries and has been acquired for several private collections. Following her completion of Master of Fine Art at the National Art School Sydney in 2019, Bukovinsky is now represented by Stanley Street Gallery in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

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