While admiring the success of the Salon de Refusés a few months ago over dinner, an idea conjured up to provide further exhibiting opportunities to the community. Artist Tania McMurtry has moved quickly to find other artists who did not get accepted by this year's Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi but who want to share their works with the community. Born was Les Sculptures Refusées. Together, Simon Hodgson and Tania embarked on this adventure.

Throughout history, the Salon de Refusés has attracted a cult-like following around the world, with previous exhibitors including Manet and Whistler. Les Sculptures Refusées hopes to walk in the footsteps of these renowned rebellious exhibitions. 

We look forward to your support as we create history together. 


Thank you to our families, friends and the public for your support. 

Special thanks to Chris O'Sullivan, Judy and Rob Pettiford, Paul Hopmeier and Ron Styles. 

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Simon and Tania